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Powrmatic Vision

Powrmatic Vision Condenserless Air Conditioning

Today we are going to take a detailed look at the Powrmatic Vision range of Condenserless Air Conditioning units.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 Installed In A Room

A typical air conditioner consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit containing a compressor. The two are linked with insulated pipe work and then filled with refrigerant.

The Powrmatic Vision is a condenserless air conditioning system which does not require an external condenser or pipework.

How Does A Condenserless Air Conditioning Unit Work?

The unit functions exactly the same as a typical air conditioner. It has an evaporator coil (which cools the indoor air flowing over the coil). A compressor is used to compress refrigerant gas into a liquid and a Condensor coil is used to remove heat from the compressed gas.

What makes the Vision range so special is that all the components are cleverly contained within the Vision enclosure.

The condensor circuit however needs cooling to be able to work. As the compressor forces the refrigerant gas into a liquid, heat is generated. The heat needs to be expelled by the unit in order to work.

The Powrmatic Vision solution use two round ducts which are fitted to the back of the unit to cool the condensor and compressor circuits.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 External Grills

The twin duct system sucks air from the outside through the ducts, passes it over the condensor coil and compressor then discharges it back to the outside with the second duct.

As the Vision contains a heat pump, it can be used for heating during winter months also.

The Powrmatic Vision Range

The original Vision was redesigned in 2018 to incorporate a clean, smooth curved outer body with a complete internal metal shell. Not only does the redesign look much better when installed, its also much stronger as it no longer contains plastic parts inside forming structural components.

The Vision range also has a new addition called the Vision Verticool. Powrmatic have taken the original idea and developed a vertical version of the product to fit into spaces within rooms where the standard Vision may not have fitted or worked well.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 DW and Vision 3.1 DW

The Vision 2.3 DW and Vision 3.1 are profiled in the same good looking enclosure, the difference being heating and cooling capacity. All of the Vision Range are Condenserless air conditioning units.

The Vision 2.3 offers a heating capacity of 2.1 kW and cooling capacity of 2.04 kW when operated in standard mode. Maximum capacity of the device is quoted as 2.6 kW down to 0.9 kW for cooling and 2.64 kW down to 0.7 kW for heating. Use of an Inverter compressor allows modulation of the output capacities for energy saving.

Actual power use is 630 Watts cooling and 638 Watts heating, offering an impressive COP of 3.29.

As the outside temperature reduces the efficiency of a heat pump also reduces. Its not just the Vision Range, all heat pumps suffer this loss.

To actively overcome this problem, the Powrmatic Vision 3.1 DW/H model was released which contains an additional electrical heating element.

As the heat starts to drop off, the electrical heating element is automatically used to increase the output to ensure your space is heated well.

Powrmatic Verticool

Powrmatic Verticool offers the same benefits as the Vision range, except the unit is tall and narrow. Its designed to fit into spaces such as between windows or corners of the room. Verticool fits where space and access is difficult. At just 185mm deep it integrates into rooms well.

Powrmatic Verticool 3.1 DW

Product Features

  • New Stylish And Contemporary Design
  • Quick Installation In Under 4 Hours
  • No F-Gas Required And Can Be Self Installed
  • WiFi Controls Now Standard With iOS and Android App
  • Heating And Cooling All Models
  • High Wall Or Low Wall Installation For Vision
  • Upright Narrow Width Installation For Verticool
  • Very Quiet Operation

Powrmatic Vision Installation

Installation of the Powrmatic Vision is simple and requires minimal down time of the room where it is to be installed.

Every unit is supplied with a detailed paper template which should be fixed to the wall where the unit is to be located. Observe the clearances shown on the template so the unit will fit perfectly.

Using a suitable punch, pencil or marker.
Clearly mark the six holes which will be used to fix the support to the wall.
Mark the two holes that need to be drilled for the ducts.
Then mark the condense discharge hole and remove the template.

Drill the holes for the bracket and add suitable wall plugs. Open the duct holes using a 160mm diameter core drill and remove debris. Finally form a 14mm hole for the condense discharge pipe.

The support bracket is now fixed and secured to the wall using the supplied fixings. Ensure it is secure as this will take the weight of the unit.

The plastic lining ducts are now located through the two large holes, marked and trimmed to length as required. Two internal flanges are secured to the tubes to hold them into place.

The external grills are folded in half, pushed through the ducts and they will automatically expand once outside the duct. A quick tug on the retaining straps pops them onto the duct and they are then secured onto the back plate.

The outside grills are always fixed from the inside, which means no access is required on the outside of the building making it suitable for high buildings.

Now simply lift the unit onto the support bracket, make sure its aligned correctly and allow it to rest into place.

The unit is supplied pre-wired with a flexible cable and a UK 13 Amp.

Powrmatic Vision External Ducts

Powrmatic Vision & Verticool Availble Online

We have the full range of Powrmatic Vision & Powrmatic Verticool available to buy from our on-line store.

Follow This Link to go to the Powrmatic Vision area of our store.

You can also Click Here to visit the official Powrmatic Website for more details.