Reznor AC Air Curtain Ambient No Heating

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The Reznor AC door curtain heater, takes over from the Airbloc AC. By far the most stylish curtain heater in the range, the AC series will aesthetically blend into any surroundings.

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Reznor AC Air Curtain Ambient
Airbloc AC Air Curtain Ambient

The Airbloc AC series of curtain heater is now sold under the Reznor name.
Nortek Global HVAC acquired Reznor, Benson Heating, Ambirad and Airbloc.
All products have now merged and are offered for sale under the Reznor name.

The Reznor AC Series are now supplied with a free basic controller and 10m cable.
SmartElec controller (3-Phase versions only) available at extra cost.

Reznor AC Series
The Reznor AC door curtain heater, takes over from the Airbloc AC. By far the most stylish curtain heater in the range, the AC series will aesthetically blend into any surroundings. Units can be directly fixed to a wall or hung on threaded rods directly above no fix fabrics such as glass.

Prices Shown Are For The Ambient Version (No Heating)
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Reznor AC Ambient Capacity Table

• Three Size Options, AC1000, AC1500 And AC2000
• 1000mm, 15000mm And 2000mm wide chassis
• Unheated Ambient Options
• Single Phase, 230V Heating Options
• Three Phase, 400V Standard Capacity And High Capacity
• LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water), Standard Capacity And High Capacity
• Choice Of Six Outputs, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 And 24 kW
• White (RAL 9010) And Metallic Silver (RAL9006) Available As Standard Options
• Integral 3-Hour Emergency Light Available
• Reznor AC Smartelec Energy Saving Controller
• Curtain Heaters save energy and reduce heat loss to door ways

The Reznor AC air curtain works by sucking in air at the top of the unit with its powerful fan. A high velocity jet of invisible air then forms a blanket over the door way. This jet of air provides a barrier which stops cold air entering the building when the door is open. Its a very basic effect of physics, but one which works very well indeed. The jet of air also keeps insects outside as they are unable to penetrate the high velocity air flow.

Ambient versions contain no heating and rely on already heated air being used to form the invisible air curtain. When a heated option is used, the AC curtain heater introduces additional heat into the property, at the source of heat loss being the door. Heated versions are recommended when there is no source of heat near to the door.

A Reznor AC heated version feels more comfortable for a customer to walk into, but they are no more effective than an ambient version.

The principle remains the same, and has the same effect during the summer. If your property is air conditioned during the summer months, the invisible jet of air helps to keep the cold in and the heat out.

The Reznor AC series of curtain heater now fully replaces the Airbloc AC series. Its the same product, more refined and now sold by one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world.

UK normal delivery charges are INCLUDED within this price, excluding some areas of Scotland & Ireland (contact us for additional costs).
Larger Reznor curtain heaters may require a fork lift truck or other MHE to off load.
No off loading is provided by the courier and this must be carried out by the customer.
Tail Lift delivery can be arranged at an additional cost if required.

PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Reznor AC series in PDF format.

Reznor AC Series Product Range Brochure (PDF)

Reznor AC Series User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Please contact us for more details, or click here to visit the Reznor website.

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Reznor AC Door Curtain Ambient