Powrmatic VPC 110kW Cabinet Heaters

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The Powrmatic VPC range of cabinet heaters include 5 models with heat outputs from 30kW to 130kW. Powrmatic VPC heaters can be supplied as an upright free blowing unit with air distribution nozzles, or as a ducted version.

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Powrmatic VPC 110kW Cabinet Heaters

The Powrmatic VPC range of cabinet heaters include 5 models with heat outputs from 30kW to 130kW. Powrmatic VPC heaters can be supplied as an upright free blowing unit with air distribution nozzles, or as a ducted version. All heaters have on/off control, and further options available are high/low fire burners and 0-10v fully modulating burners.

The full range of VPC Cabinet Heater is supplied with an integral MC200 control unit.

Current Models Available Within The Range
• VPC UF – Upright Free blowing Unit
• VPC UD – Upright Ducted Unit – Contact us for details.

We can also offer a full range of options including:

  • Modulating burners (0 – 10v)
  • High / Low burner option
  • Up rated fan motors for increased static resistance
  • 3-Phase motor options on all models
  • 409 and 316 stainless steel heat exchanger options
  • Galvanised chassis for garden and damp area applications
  • Inlet duct spigot (side or rear) for 100% fresh air applications
  • Inlet filters or inlet screens
  • Manual dampers or 230v powered actuators for air mixing requirements

For The Installer
• Low level horizontal flue option
• Flue only or room sealed flue systems
• All units are fan assisted
• Site interchangeable top or side flue/combustion air spigot positions
• Plain side panel option – provides greater flexibility in location
• Extended heads
• Factory fitted & pre wired controls supplied as standard

Powrmatic Gurantee
• More than sixty years experience in warm air
• Two year parts and one year labour guarantee
• Ten year sliding scale time related heat exchanger warranty

Powrmatic VPC gas-fired cabinet heaters are supplied vertical in configuration and factory options including filter boxes, plenums etc can be supplied when required.

Fuel economy and flue gas emissions were taken into account when Powrmatic designed the VPC heater. All heaters within the range have efficiencies which meet or exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations.

The Powrmatic VPC Cabinet is made of steel corner frame and steel panel construction complete with internal thermal heat protection and finished with a hardwearing epoxy powder coat stove baked paint.

The Powrmatic VPC heat exchanger is of exceptionally modern design. Each tube comprises of four full passes through the air stream and each is carefully mechanically bent with swaged and crimped ends to eliminate welding and thus associated issues during the manufacturing process. Custom heat exchangers can be produced in 409 and 316 grade stainless steel options for increased life in rough service conditions. A ten year sliding scale warranty as standard on the heat exchanger.

The VPC utilises in-shot burners, carefully designed and matched to fire directly into each heat exchanger tube. The specialist burner assembly uses a manifold to hold the gas injectors and are supplied from a single gas valve. Separate ignition and ionisation probes are utilised and a Brahma safety gas control provides an exceptionally high level of operational safety. The NVx heaters are supplied for use with natural gas (G20) as standard with an LPG Propane (G31) option available with a factory or site conversion.

Each Powrmatic VPC cabinet heater contains a powerful centrifugal fan and motor in the base of the chassis. Free blowing heaters come complete with a top mounted lid and air distribution heads each containing adjustable louvers. Ducted models are supplied with an outlet spigot to enable hassle free connection of ductwork. Optional air filter boxes and return air dampers are available

The entire range of Powrmatic VPC heater is supplied with automatic ignition and flame safety monitoring, high limit overheat protection and separate control of heat and fan to allow a summer operation mode. The VPC unit heater can be interfaced to almost any control station including the Powrmatic Powrtrol, MC200, MC300 (forthcoming) and the Heatmiser IQ+ controllers.

For speed of installation and ease of use, Powrmatic VPC heater controls are factory fitted as standard but can be supplied without controls on request.

An easily accessible summer switch enables the heater to circulate air during the summer.

All Powrmatic heaters are type tested to meet the stringent requirements of the Gas Directive and are CE approved.

UK normal delivery charges are INCLUDED within this price, excluding Scotland & Ireland (contact us for additional costs). Lifting equipment is required to unload product at destination and should be arranged before delivery. Tail Lift delivery can be arranged at an additional cost if required.

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Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Powrmatic NVx range in PDF format.

You can visit the Powrmatic Website for further information.

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