Powrmatic Vision 3.1 DW

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The Powrmatic Vision 3.1 is a PTAC air conditioner and heat pump that requires no external condensing unit. The self contained unit simply requires two small ducts to be installed to the outside wall and a condensate hole. No F-Gas engineer required.

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Powrmatic Vision 3.1 DW

The Powrmatic Vision 3.1 is a PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) air conditioner and heat pump that requires no external condensing unit. The self contained unit simply requires two small ducts to be installed to the outside wall and a condensate hole. Since no refrigeration works are carried out during installation, the unit does not require installation by a specialist or F-Gas qualified engineer.

Despite the cost of the unit being slightly more expensive than a traditional split air conditioner, the Powrmatic Vision 3.1 will be much easier and cheaper to insall saving you money.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 Installed In A Room

Key Product Features

Wifi Enabled Control As Standard
The easy to use app is availble on both iPhone and Android platforms. Users can easily adjust temperature set point, operation mode (cooling / heating), fan speed and air flow direction. The app also displays current settings in an easy to use and understand format.

For group applications such as hotels, multiple units can be controlled from a central location such as a hotel reception desk and full control of each rooms settings can easily be acheived.

Simply heat or cool the room before the guest arrives or turn the unit off to save money when the room is vacant.

Wifi operation is included within the unit cost and simply required the software to be downloaded.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 Wifi Apps

PTAC Ducts
Since the Powrmatic Vision 3.1 is a PTAC unit, no external condensing unit is required.
The outside of your building simply has two ducts to the unit and these can easily be colour coded to suit.
Installation does not require an F-Gas registered engineer and this can save a significant amount of money on costs.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 External Grills

Whisper Quiet Operation
The Powrmatic Vision 3.1 emits a noise level of 27dB, making it very quiet in operation. Room users will have no problem in sleeping whilst their room is quietly cooled or heated. When installed in an office environment the unit barely adds to background noise.

Photo of a hotel door

Easy Replacement
The Powrmatic Vision 3.1 can easily be used to replace current split systems with minimal effort.

No Installation Downtime
Because the Vision 3.1 is so easy to install, there is barly any down time for the room. The units can be installed very quickly when the installer is experienced minimising loss of revenue to the hotel industry and alike.

Touch Screen Local Controls
Incorporates an easy to use, touch screen display for local operation and a handy remote control.

Powrmatic Vision 2.3 Touch Screen And Remote Photograph

No Outdoor Unit
No external condenser is required for the Vision 3.1 which not only saves on installation costs, but maintains the original looks of your building. Two ducts sized 162mm are installed together with a 14mm condensate line and self closing shutters close when the unit is not in use. External ducts can easily be colour coded on installation to ensure they blend in with the building fabric. This can help with listed buildings, architectural specification and requires no planning permission in most cases.

Beautiful and Simple Design
The Powrmatic Vision 3.1 is designed to be stylish and blend into any room space. Clean curved lines make the Vision 3.1 an eye catching design that wont turn a space ugly. Its compact size of only 17cm deep makes the unit useable in hotel rooms, restaurants, offices and hospital environments.

Photo of an installed unit.

Total Flexibility
Installation of the Vision 3.1 is easy and only requires a standard core cutter to make the holes for the ducts. The Powrmatic Vision can be installed onto any external wall either at low level or high level within the room, the choice is yours.
All units are supplied with an easy wall template to make installation a breeze.

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Bottom Plate For High Wall Mounting
When installing the unit at height on a wall, an optional bottom plate can be purchased to vastly improve the look of the air intake at the bottom of the unit. This plate is normally not required when fitted at low level due to the base of the unit being near the floor. Powrmatic no longer offer this plate free of charge with the units.
Click Here To See The Bottom Plate In The Accessories Section

We can provide an installation cost nationwide although a local tradesman can easily fit and install the unit on your behalf.
We can offer free and friendly technical advise regarding installation, please feel free to contact us.

Multiple Purchases
If you are looking for more than one unit please contact us. In most cases we can combine delivery charges and offer a purchase discount.
For Hotels and similar groups, please contact our commercial sales team.

UK normal delivery charges are INCLUDED within our price, excluding some areas of Scotland & Ireland (contact us for additional costs). Delivery is kerb side only and assistance may be required to move the unit into your building.
Your Vision 3.1 unit will ship direct from Powrmatic’s state of the art UK warehouse direct to your site.
We will advise you of the day the equipment will be delivered to avoid a miss delivery.

The Powrmatic Vision 2.3 is supplied with a manufacturers warranty of 12 months from date of purchase.
Powrmatic do not provide an on site warranty for this product but can supply spare parts FOC if required.
In the event of a unit malfunction, Powrmatic normally provide a replacement unit with the failed unit being collected.
Please contact us or Powrmatic to confirm details regarding the warranty of these units.

PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Powrmatic Vision in PDF format.

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Installation And Operation Manual Download

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