Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit

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The Powrmatic MC300 slave unit is installed within the heater. Up to five heaters can be operated from one Powrmatic MC300 controller. Low voltage cable can be used to daisy chain MC300 slave units to the main controller.

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Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit

The Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit can be fitted to any Powrmatic heater.
Up to five slave devices can be daisy chained to form a network.
The network is connected back to the Powrmatic MC300 controller.
The controller can then control all of the heaters on the network.

Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit – Additional Features
• Up to five slave devices
• Use low voltage cable for interconnecting wiring
• Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit can be factory fitted
• Cost savings easily archived on installation

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Powrmatic MC300 Slave Module

The Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit is generally fitted by Powrmatic as the heater is manufactured.
Installation into an existing heater is an easy task. It should only be carried out by a suitably qualified engineer.

The PCB must be mounted safely, as it operates at Main Voltage (230v A/C) and therefore care must be taken.
Consult a qualified Gas Safe engineer who has electrical knowledge if you are unsure.
Ideally the use of metal PCB mountings is the preferred method of installation.
Four metal posts are secured with screws to the chassis after marking and drilling clearance holes.
Locate the Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit PCB and then secure with four more screws.

Use suitable electrical cable for the mains wiring to the heater. Loom the wiring by hand and cable tie, to form a neat path back to the main heater terminals.

Wire 7 (Live In) back to a live at the heater. Heater manual will show which terminal provides a protected (fused) feed.
If necessary, locate the fuse / circuit breaker inside the heater. Follow wiring carefully and identify terminal number.
It is always recommended that the supply to the PCB have some protection by fuse or circuit breaker.

Wire 6 (Neutral) of the Powrmatic MC300 slave unit back to the main Neutral Terminal. Generally a spare prong is available, to which a female crimp can be fitted.

Number 3 (Heat Hi) should be wired to the Heat Hi terminal within the heater. Number 4 is wired to Heat Lo and 5 to Fan.
Jumper the three IN terminals, back to Live out just to the left of terminal 6.

If you have a fully modulating burner then terminals 1 and 2 will be used. Identify the heater terminals, which take a 0 – 10 volt control circuit.
Ensure you get the polarity correct first time around.

As the Powrmatic MC300 Slave Unit is installed within the chassis, none screened cable can be used for the connections.

Interconnecting cabling can now be installed to daisy chain the units. The number of pairs used is depends on how many heaters you are installing and intend to join together.

Ideally a good quality multi core cable should be used. Its a little more refined than alarm cable. Telephone cable houses a solid core and just wont work well for you.

Run the cabling neatly and secure using appropriate fixings. Route towards the next slave unit and wire to the terminals in a daisy chain fashion.

Finally, connect the cable into the MC300 controller and secure into place.

Once the mains wiring, gas and flue are connected the heaters can be commissioned and the necessary certification issues.

Take a read of the MC300 information below on how to use the controller.


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PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Powrmatic MC300 Controller range in PDF format.

MC300 Product Range Brochure (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Trade Brochure Thumb

MC300 Internal Cabinet (Pre-Installed) User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Internal Instructions Thumb

MC300 Standard Wall Controller User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Standard Instructions

Please contact us for more details, or click here to visit the Powrmatic website.



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