Powrmatic MC300 Multi Zone Controller

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The Powrmatic MC300 controller provide a fully programmable on and off time and feature a full seven day program. Multiple programs can cater for the most complex switching times. Compatible with any Powrmatic heater.

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Powrmatic MC300 Controller

The Powrmatic MC300 digital controllers are an ideal addition for any of the Powrmatic heater range.

MC300 Additional Features
• The new Powrmatic MC300 allows multiple heaters to be controlled from a single controller.
• All features are available over the network.
• Slave unit fitted to the heater by the factory, less on site wiring.
• Use low voltage multi core cable for easy installation

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The Powrmatic MC300 controller provide a fully programmable on and off time and feature a full seven day program. Multiple programs can cater for the most complex switching times.

The Powrmatic MC300 is packed with features, such as optimised start and stop with automatic learning and self prediction. Frost protection is also included for increased property protection.

As the controller is used, it learns about the heater and the space it is heating to self adjust itself, lowering fuel use and your final bills.

Easy to use override and fan buttons allow end users instant heat or ventilation, without having to make changes inside the controller.

A local lock out reset button enables the heater to be reset from ground level without having to access the heater.

All Powrmatic cabinet heaters are now supplied with a factory fitted MC200 controller.

Where the MC300 is specified for zone control, an additional control module can be factory fitted inside the heaters for less on site work.

For The End User

• Easy to use digital controller
• Self learning controller
• Multiple switching programs
• Heat override and fan only buttons
• Easy lockout reset
• Internal sensor can easily be re-located
• Frost protection as standard

For The Installer
• Factory fitted to cabinet heaters
• Less on site wiring
• Easy installation and simple wiring
• Easy for the user to operate
• Low voltage cable for easy installation
• Slave module available factory installed

Increased Economy
Powrmatic MC300 are designed with efficiency in mind. The Optimum start function adjusts the start up and shut down of your heating equipment. The workplace will always be at comfort level at the times programmed. Constant monitoring and adjustment carried out automatically in the background.

Multiple Control Features
Powrmatic MC300 controllers can provide switching for simple on / off burners
Additional switching contacts provided to support high / low burners
Automatic generation of 0 – 10V signal for fully modulating burners
Switching differentials for high / low and modulation can be easily adjusted

Ease Of Use
Well laid out control panel with simple to understand buttons
Large back illuminated LCD screen
Password protection to prevent unauthorised use
Can monitor energy use (when correctly programmed)

Engineer Security
All technical functions and settings are protected by a secondary engineer password. Prevents accidental changes to system critical settings.
Easy user password recovery with engineer password.

Remote Thermostat And Sensing
The internal sensing element can easily be removed and located externally to the controller. Empty thermostat enclosures are available to house the sensor. Cable back to the MC300 using a good quality screened signal cable.
Easy to calibrate the thermostat.

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PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Powrmatic LNVx range in PDF format.

MC300 Product Range Brochure (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Trade Brochure Thumb

MC300 Internal Cabinet (Pre-Installed) User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Internal Instructions Thumb

MC300 Standard Wall Controller User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Standard Instructions

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