Stainless Steel Powrmatic Flue (LNVx, NVx)

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Powrmatic Flue (LNVx, NVx)

Please follow the instructions below to identify and buy flue components.

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Powrmatic Flue
To suit LNVx and NVx Heaters Only

Identify flue diameter
First, find the diameter of Powrmatic flue required for your heater as shown in the chart below. Then set this in the selection box above.
Identify flue components from the diagrams below, select item required.
See notes at the bottom of the page.

Powrmatic NV Range Flue Size Chart

Vertical Powrmatic Flue, Single Pipe
Supra Single Vertical Flue

Horizontal Powrmatic Flue, Single Pipe

Powrmatic Horizontal Flue

Vertical Flue, Powrmatic Balanced (Room Sealed)
Powrmatic Balanced Vertical Flue

Horizontal Flue, Powrmatic Balanced (Room Sealed)

Powrmatic LNVx Horizontal Balanced Flue

NOTES – Flue Systems

Flue socket comes supplied with the heater.

Powrmatic Flue pipe is supplied in length of 1000mm, 500mm and 200mm.
For each section of flue pipe, add required number of Single Wall Locking Bands to complete the installation.
If you use an adjustable length, a Single Wall Adjustable Locking Band is also required.
90 Degree and 45 Degree elbows can be added as required.

Single Wall Vertical terminal fits into the open end of the flue pipe.
Add a high temperature flashing kit for a vertical flue.
Single Wall Horizontal terminal comes supplied with wall plate for fixing.

Individual wall band and double wall band can be used to support the flue from the building structure.

Vertical Balanced Flue (Concentric) Kit Includes :-
Vertical Terminal,
Flashing with fixing kit,
Single To Twin Adapter,
X2 Adjustable Flue Lengths,
Inline Condense Drain and short flue section,
3 Adjustable length locking bands,
2 Flue locking bands,

Horizontal Balanced Flue (Concentric) Kit Includes :-
Horizontal Terminal with wall plate,
Wall securing plate with fixings,
Single To Twin Adapter,
X2 Adjustable Flue Lengths,
X2 250mm Standard Flue Lengths
3 Adjustable length locking bands
2 Flue locking bands

Add lengths of flue as required.
90 Degree and 45 Degree elbows can be added as required.

Check installation instructions for the specific heater to identify maximum flue runs.

Powrmatic flue contains a factory fitted seal at one end, which provides a flue gas seal when fitted.

For more information, please click here to visit Powrmatic

Additional information

Select Flue Diameter (Powrmatic - Supra)

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Powrmatic Supra Flue

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