Powrmatic Duct Sensor

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The Powrmatic duct sensor is compatible with the MC200 and MC300 controllers only. Sense temperature of air within a ducting system. Enables the MC200 / MC300 to control discharge air temperatures as required.

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Powrmatic Duct Sensor

Powrmatic Duct Sensor
The Powrmatic duct sensor is compatible with the MC200 and MC300 controllers only.
The duct sensor is a low voltage device and is powered directly by the controller.
Ideal to control duct discharge temperatures.

Powrmatic Duct Sensor
• Sense heat remotely from the MC200 / MC300 Controller
• Enable controller to be located in an office or locked room
• Low voltage wiring for easy installation
• Simple pair of wires and screen for installation


Powrmatic Duct Sensor

Cable Requirements
We recommend that the Powrmatic duct sensor be installed with a screened cable.
A typical example would be a Belden 8442 or equivalent.

The Powrmatic duct sensor has a screw holding the front panel in place.
Carefully remove the screw and retain.

Fix the Powrmatic duct sensor in the required position directly to the ducting.
Drill a suitable hole for the probe to enter the ducting.
Run the cable from the heater to the duct sensor.
Ensure that the cable is fixed as necessary and generally fitted in a good manner.

Carefully strip the external sheath from the cable and remove any foil if necessary.
Fit a ferule to the two conductors if available.
Sheath the earth and leave disconnected.
Wire the two cables to the terminals inside the Powrmatic duct sensor.
There is no polarity so wires can be connected either way around.
Replace the cover on the sensor.

Route the other end of the cable to the heater (or wall mounted controller).
Isolate, lock off and test electrical supply is dead.
Check for auxiliary control feeds, isolate, lock off and test for dead.
Fit a stuffing gland and route the cable to the heater chassis (or directly into controller).

Strip the end of the cable as above.
Locate the two terminals labelled COM and IN2.
Note that the internal sensor will share the COM connection.

Wire the pair of cables to COM and IN2.
Carefully wire the screen to a suitable earth point.
Generally, fitting and stripping a longer length of cable, will provide a longer sheath earth.
This will be neater when fitted than using connector blocks or similar.

Once the wiring is done, replace all access panels on the heater before turning back on.

Using a thermostat, make a note of the temperature at the Powrmatic duct sensor.
Enter engineer mode on the controller. See the manual below for assistance.
In the engineer settings, locate the sensor options and configure for Sensor 2.

You can now trim the displayed temperature, to that shown on your thermostat at the sensor.

The MC200 / MC300 will now sense the temperature of the Powrmatic duct sensor.

Take a read of the MC300 information below on how to use the controller.

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PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Powrmatic MC300 Controller range in PDF format.

MC300 Product Range Brochure (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Trade Brochure Thumb

MC300 Internal Cabinet (Pre-Installed) User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Internal Instructions Thumb

MC300 Standard Wall Controller User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic MC200 Standard Instructions

Please contact us for more details, or click here to visit the Powrmatic website.


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