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Showing all 6 results

Welcome to the warmairheaters.com brand.

We took the bold decision in 2016 to begin to invest in development of new, exciting products for the HVAC industry. As a wholesale distributor and installer, we carefully analysed our marketplace and decided to spend the year working on our first own brand destratification fan.

Whilst the warmairheaters.com brand has few products and is extremely new, we will continue to invest and make more products available as time goes on. We have some very exciting “in the pipeline” products with some revolutionary ideas.

We design around energy efficiency, reliability and cost efficiency, just as an own brand should.

We hope you enjoy our first product and thank those customers for the support and assistance to launch our own products.

October 2017 – WiFi Controls Now Available

Following 12 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of our WiFi Control system for destratification fans.

Our solution enables total control of your fan from ground level without needing roof access to change the fan settings. No special controllers and no apps! Connect your mobile device directly to the fan and change the settings instantly.

We have now launched our own brand fan with WiFi Controller and made the unit available separately to retrofit to existing units.

We are currently finalising a “Zone Controller” unit, which will run multiple fans from one single device within a building.