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Reznor HVAC

Reznor have been designing, manufacturing and selling HVAC products for over 130 years.
The new product line up incorporates some of the Benson Heating, Ambirad and Airbloc products.

Reznor, Benson Heating, Ambirad and Airbloc have all been acquired by Nortek Global HVAC and the group products are now sold under the Reznor brand.

They design and develops state of the are HVAC products with efficiency and low environmental impact in mind.

The company offers a very large range of products and hold a major percentage of the marketplace. Production of a majority of the product range is now carried out in Mexico, with warehouse and storage in both the UK and Belgium.

Reznor Is ….

The UK’s leading supplier of industrial and commercial gas fired warm air heating systems. The company specialises in the design and production of high efficiency gas fired air heaters, cabinet heaters, combined heating and ventilation units, air induction systems, gas fired heating coils and heat recovery products.

Designed by the world’s largest manufacturer of unit space heaters, they offers high performance heating systems for commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, churches, factories, retail units and more. Suitable for notoriously hard-to-heat applications, offering the most technically advanced heating systems on the market