Reznor Door Curtain – The New Airbloc

Reznor Door Curtain is the new name for Airbloc.

Airbloc, Ambirad, Benson Heating and Reznor were all acquired by Nortek Global HVAC.
All products by Nortek Global HVAC are now sold under the Reznor brand.

The new Reznor Door Curtain range of products takes over from Airbloc.

Where a building has doors that are frequently opened and closed, a door curtain can minimise heat loss and prevent insects from entering the door way.

The principal is fairly simple, a powerful fan installed inside the Reznor door curtain produces a screen of high velocity air which is directed over the door way.

This invisible screen prevents colder outdoor air from entering the building and displacing the warmer air inside. Many insects are also unable to penetrate the invisible air screen, effectively keeping them at bay.

The principal also works during the summer months when you may air condition the building.

A Reznor door curtain helps minimise the heating or cooling load required and therefore helps towards energy conservation.

Reznor door curtain range

Available in a wide range of options to suit any doorway your building may have.

The new product range includes surface mounted curtain heaters, recessed models and commercial / industrial modules for roller shutter doors

Ambient units recirculate existing heated air inside the property to form the air screen.

Where additional heat input is required, various options to provide heat are available including single and three phase Reznor door curtain units. LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) units are also available. The popular AC series can be factory fitted with an Emergency Lighting module.

Data sheets are available within the product description areas for download. Snippets are shown to help you with your selection.

If you need help or assistance in choosing the right door curtain for your building, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

UK normal delivery charges are INCLUDED within this price, excluding some areas of Scotland & Ireland (contact us for additional costs). Lifting equipment may be required to unload product at destination and should be arranged before delivery. Tail Lift delivery can be arranged at an additional cost if required. Unloading is not provided by the courier.

PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Reznor door curtain range in PDF format.

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