Powrmatic CECx Destratification Fans

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Showing all 5 results

Powrmatic CECx Destratification Fans

The Powrmatic CECx Calecon destratification fans are designed to reverse the effect of rising heat. Warm air heating systems create heat which normally rises to the highest point of a workplace which in some buildings can be very high. This creates a stratified atmosphere which is coldest at ground level and warmest at high level.

As extra heat is added to the workplace, it continuous to heat from the top down. The fan essentially mixes all this stratified air together and maintains an equal air temperature from floor to ceiling. This otherwise lost heat is now usable resulting in energy savings of up to 15%, depending on the height of the workplace. Destratification fans work as heat recovery units.

Powrmatic destratification fans are designed to be installed high inside the building roof, generally within 1000mm from the highest part. Updated adjustable louver’s on the fans enable four way discharge to adjust air flow direction.

Powrmatic CECx Calecon destratification fans also help to maintain an enhanced comfort level right through the workplace. The CECx fans can cover a much larger area than the discharge fan of a heater.

Powrmatic CECx Calecon fans comprise of a steel box construction onto which is mounted a high power axial fan. When operated this discharged air downwards through a set of adjustable louvers. Automatic thermostatic control restricts fan operation until the ambient roof space temperature reaches the level set on the thermostat. Finished in a striking charcoal gray, stone baked enamel finish.

Installation is easy with the use of the four eye bolts attached to the destratification fan. The use of our installation kit can greatly increase the speed of installation. An electrical supply is required from a switched fused spur. Local isolation at ground level should be provided, so the fans can be isolated during the summer when not required.

Powrmatic CECx Calecon de-stratification fans have the benefit of a two year parts only guarantee.

Which Powrmatic CECx Fan Should I Use ?
First, check the chart below and select suitable fan for the mounting height.

Powrmatic CECx Destratification Fan Selection Chart

Fans should be installed no lower than 1M from the Apex of the roof.

Measure the workplace that the fans will be installed into and work out the total volume in cubic metres.
Multiply this value by a factor of two to find the required air displacement.

From the brochure locate the Fan Displacement (m³/h) and divide the optimum volume by the fan displacement.
This will show you how many fans you require. You may need to round up or down, depending on the value given.

For Example
A building is 40M long, 20M wide and 12M high.

So, multiply all this together, 40x20x12 which works out to 9600 m³.
Now multiply this by 2 to give the optimum air displacement. This works out to 19200 m³.

From the brochure, CECx 2250 would be ideal at 12M. This fan has an air displacement of 4467 m³/h.
By dividing the optimum air displacement (19200 m³) by the fan air displacement (4467 m³/h).
This works out to 4.3 so round down to four fans.

In some cases you can choose a larger model which requires less fans.

Still Need Help?
Call us with your building measurements and we will advise which destrat fan is best suited to you.

Powrmatic CECx Warranty
Warranty has been increased to 2-Years on CECx Products!

UK normal delivery charges are INCLUDED within this price, excluding some areas of Scotland & Ireland (contact us for additional costs). Lifting equipment is required to unload product at destination and should be arranged before delivery. Tail Lift delivery can be arranged at an additional cost if required.

PDF Brochure Download
Please click on the image below to download a brochure for the Powrmatic CECx destratification fan range in PDF format.

CECx Product Range Brochure (PDF)

Powrmatic CECx Destratification Fan Brochure Thumb

CECx User, Installation And Service Manual (PDF)

Powrmatic CECx Destratification Fan User Installation Thumb

Please contact us for more details, or click here to visit the Powrmatic website.