Suspended Heater Flue System

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The flue in this section can only be used with Combat suspended heater models, as shown in the table below.

Combat Flue Guide

There are two possible configurations, Room Sealed or Open Flue.

Room sealed configurations use a separate flue pipe to supply fresh combustion air from outside the building to the heater and another separate pipe to discharge combustion products to the outside.

Open flue configurations use a single flue pipe to discharge combustion products to the outside and draw combustion air from within the space being heated.

Room sealed configurations are preferred but required in dusty / dirty environments, especially those that may contain certain chemicals. In all cases, reference to the warranty conditions should explicitly be made where chemicals are involved with the heated area. Certain chemicals will cause permanent damage to the heater and flue system and invalidate manufacturer warranties. Dusty and dirty environments include for example wood working shops, engineering and manufacturing facilities.

Open flue configurations can be used in areas which are clean and there is low risk of contaminants affecting the heater. Generally retail type arrangements are suitable.

Room sealed configuration utilises a special coaxial flue terminal (similar to a house hold combi boiler) which then splits to provide a spigot for fresh air and one for combustion fumes. Room sealed configurations require two pipe runs, essentially twice as much flue as open configurations.

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