Combat Destratification Fans

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Combat Destratification Fans – Energy Saving

Combat Destratification Fans – Improving comfort, protecting the environment and saving money!

  • Improves heating system efficiency by keeping valuable warm air down at working level, reducing heat losses through the roof structure.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Ease of use provided by automatic or manual speed controls
  • Flexibility provided by wide range of units to suit most applications

When any Warm Air heating system is used, a majority of the heat will eventually rise to the highest point of the building being heated.

This forms a “stratification” effect where temperatures in the roof could be much higher that at lower floor levels where the heat is really needed.

A Destratification fan will automatically turn on and force the heat back down to floor level, effectively using otherwise wasted heat.

Great savings can be made on energy use by recouping this heat.

Work out the volume of the building being heated in metres (l * h * w) then multiply this by two for optimum air flow.

Divide this airflow by the m3/h value below to give the number of units required. Reference the Combat Data Sheet below for mounting height recommendations.

HVE400 – 3960 m3/h
HVE450 – 6480 m3/h
HVE650 – 10800 m3/h

Download the Combat HVE Data Sheet Below

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