Combat CTCUA Gas Unit Heater

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Combat CTCUA Gas Tubular Unit Heater

The CTCUA range of Combat gas unit heaters offers a more compact unit, designed for space saving applications.

The Combat range of CTCUA gas unit heaters, offer excellent value for money, efficiency and performance. Combat heaters are British made, fully manufacturing in the West Midlands.
When supplied and installed by an approved installer, two years warranty are offered with the unit. Year one parts and labour, year two parts only.

The Combat CTCUA range is a time and tested, proven investment and offers a long service life with very low failure rate. Since its conception, only minor product modifications have been made to further better the product for the end user.

High quality components are used throughout together with expanded tube heat exchangers avoiding weld induced stress problems some heaters suffer.

The CTCUA range is supplied as a free blowing unit with high performance axial fan. For centrifugal or duct versions of the CTCUA range, please contact us.

  • Flue can be configured as open flue or room sealed using Combat flue pipe and accessories.
  • CTCUA heaters incorporate fully automatic ignition burners, remote lockout and remote reset.
  • Aluminised heat exchangers offer increased service life.
  • Full stainless steel heat exchangers available upon request.
  • Can be suspended from ceiling or wall mounted using various fixing options.
  • Rear flue exit
  • Natural Gas or LPG available as a factory option
  • Powder Coated in Combat white.

A separate heating controller is required to operate the heater. We recommend the Heatmiser IQ+ controller for maximum efficiency and performance.