Combat Cabinet Heaters

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Combat Cabinet Heater

Combat gas cabinet heater range available in Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and LPG
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Also available in horizontal format and external cabinet.

  • Idea for industrial and commercial applications
  • Large range of heat outputs and burner options
  • Easy installation with factory fitted bolt-on burner
  • Durable long life stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Design flexibility-floor standing, horizontal mounting or external site installation options
  • Energy saving optimising control provided as standard
  • All models meet ECA efficiency requirements

Heater Controls
Each heater is supplied with a separate COMBAT® NRG Control. This will require on-site wiring.

Burner Options
Combat cabinet heaters are fitted with on/off burners as standard. High/Low burners are available as an option on all Natural Gas and LPG fired models. Oil models use class D fuel oil (gas oil) as standard. Burner can be set to operate on other oils such as class C2 fuel oil (kerosene) upon request.

Inlet & Outlet Ducts
Where there is a need for the heater to be connected to fresh air or air from an adjacent area for its intake of distribution air, inlet duct connections can be provided. Note: When employing an inlet duct arrangement, there must be adequate provision for the supply of combustion air. Information relating to air supply (distribution/combustion) can be found in the relevant section of the ISO Manual as supplied with the heating equipment. As standard, each heater is supplied with the specified number of discharge heads for warm air distribution. If a heater is to be attached to ducting for warm air distribution, then an outlet duct spigot can be provided. In these instances, advice should be sought to ensure that proposed duct systems are compatible with the heater.

Oil Connection Kit
For all oil fired heaters, an oil line connection kit comprising of a gate valve, spring operated fire valve, oil filter and connecting nipples are supplied for installation on site.