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Showing all 21 results

The Benson Heating factory in Knighton was closed in 2014 and all production moved to Ambirad in the West Midlands. Ambirad, together with Reznor and Airbloc were acquired by Nortek Global HVAC and fully merged into one company.

All products are now sold under the Reznor Brand and the Benson Heating name has at least for the time being been made redundant.

Benson Heating Ltd, part of the AmbiRad Group, is a leading supplier of warm air heating products and is committed to providing innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for the heating of industrial, commercial, retail horticultural and social buildings both large and small.

From Warm Air Heaters to Gas Heaters…

Benson oil and gas heaters have been providing dependable cost-effective warmth for more than fifty years. Today’s heaters harmonise the original concepts of comfort, quality and durability with increasing efficiency levels and reduced emissions.
Whether you are looking for an heat exchanger, warm air heaters or marquee heaters- Benson Heating Ltd have an extensive range of heating products for all your needs.