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The Powrmatic NVx 90kW Compact, New For Winter 2013.

Powrmatic are now expected to officially announce the addition of the Powrmatic NVx 90kW Compact model to its current NVx range of suspended gas unit heaters within the next few days.

The NVx 90kW Compact Gas Unit Heater is an addition to the current range of NVx heaters and offers an impressive 90kW of heat output from a much smaller chassis.

The compact model has a redesigned heat exchanger which increases its effective use of space which trims the overall width of the heater to around 1.5 metre wide, around 0.8 metre narrower than the current NVx 90. The Compact model gains in height slightly to accommodate the new heat exchanger.

The dual fans have been replaced with a single axial fan which offers an impressive performance for the new size of chassis, carefully matched to the heat exchanger layout.

The compact model pricing is expected to be identical to the current NVx-90 and we believe that the two models will continue in production side by side for some time to come.

The NVx range currently consists of 12 models with heat outputs of 10kW to 140kW that are assembled into four different chassis profiles. Models which share the same chassis profiles have additional heat exchanger tubes and burners to increase the output capacity.

The 90kW model is a very popular unit and shares a chassis profile with the 120kW and 140kW heaters. The physical requirements to produce 90kW meant it could not fit into the smaller chassis profile that the 60kW and 75kW models are supplied in.

With the 90kW being a top selling model, Powrmatic have invested in the Compact model to respond to requests from customers and installers for a smaller unit.

We look forward to adding the Powrmatic NVx 90kW Compact to our store, and recommending this new heater to customers in the future.

Philip Hamer

8th September 2013