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Heater Installations Nov to Jan 2018

NVx Duo Side View

Winter Quarter Update & Powrmatic Duo Case Study

Please see the Powrmatic Duo installation case study below.

November to January has been the busiest Winter that we have ever seen. has sold a huge amount of heaters, equipment and flue on line including lots of export sales all over the globe.

Our admin and installation teams have been working long hours and extremely hard to make sure customers equipment gets on site when required, and installed as quickly as possible. I would like to thank all our employees for their dedication and hard work.

Our brand of destratification fans have reached record sales and we have taken on extra staff to ensure build quality and delivery do not suffer. Our Wi-Fi control option has started to enter the market place, sales are gradually increasing as customer embrace the new technology.

January sales have been great, with no apparent “dip” experienced in previous years. As always we are hoping for a long, drawn out Winter for as long as possible. When this years heating season finally comes to a close, we will move onto equipment servicing and maintenance along with installations from customers who pre-plan during the Summer.

Philip Hamer

Managing Director


Powrmatic Duo Warehouse Heating – Strong’s Plastics Tamworth

We were approached by one of our regular clients in October to quote to heat another building they were expanding into. This becomes the third production facility for the client.

The new building was to house CNC machinery and an assembly plant for their products. The client designs, assembles and fits custom back boxes for pickup trucks amongst other things.

The location for the heaters had to be straight down the centre of the building. Two cranes are being installed to the building which left no other possibility and with floor space being premium, cabinets were out of the question.

We proposed the Powrmatic Duo heater and after some negotiations on pipe runs and controls, we were awarded the order.

The Powrmatic Duo is essentially a modified Nvx heater. By reversing a fan on either side and adding twin outlets, the Duo can blow warm air from both sides. The Duo has its uses, and this was definitely proven on this installation with amazing results.

Following a heat loss calculation on the building, we needed around 270kW of heat so three Duo’s were selected of 90kW each.

The gas main was a long run and following calculation, was installed in stainless steel using the Geberit Press system. The Gas Main run was carefully chosen to avoid any contact with the overhead cranes that were being installed later. Installed throughout using drop rods and rubber lined Flamco rings for stability.

Initial run was in 76mm to the first heater, then reducing down to 54mm and 35mm for the final unit. Direct from the main we provided a purge point, isolation valve and flexible gas connection to the heater.

For time and temperature control we supplied the Heatmiser IQ+ controller which interfaces easily with Powrmatic heaters.

On final commissioning and testing, the building reaches comfort level very easily and maintains all day long.

Whilst on site we were asked to quote to install a ring main within the building for air supply. Following a design from the client, we provided a 54mm header, 42mm runs and a 22mm return ring at the end of the factory. On delivery of the equipment we installed the air receiver, oil water separator and piped up through to the compressor. The whole installation was completed using stainless steel press fittings. 32 drops were provided, mainly for small hand held air tools with a few for the CNC machines.

We thank Strong’s for their continued work and wish them the best of luck with the final opening of Site C.

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Overall View Of Powrmatic Duo Heaters Strongs Plastics
Overall View Of Warehouse
Powrmatic Duo Installed
NVx Duo Installed
Powrmatic Duo Side View
NVx Duo Side View
Photo Down Factory Of Powrmatic Duo Heaters
Photo Down Factory


If you are looking for Powrmatic heaters, please contact us for pricing, availability and installation if required.