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Powrmatic CPx Replacement

Other View - Powrmatic CPx Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heater

Powrmatic CPx Heater

Powrmatic CPx Installation – Heater Replacement March 2016

We were approached by a local company in the West Midlands who had an old Combat Oil Fired Cabinet Heater which had been suffering from numerous breakdowns.

We offered to send an engineer to carry out a diagnostic but the customer asked us to quote to replace the heater. They had already decided that the old heater was no longer suitable for their needs and asked us to quote to replace.

On arrival to site we noted that the Combat Heater had been raised onto a support platform to raise the discharge nozzles above the height of the racking. We decided that the Health & Safety implications of doing this inside a working warehouse was a poor idea. We met with the on site Health & Safety Officer who agreed that if the support bracket was hit, the installation could collapse and cause injury.

Picture Of An Old Combat Heater Second Picture Of An Old Combat Warm Air Heater

We provided a quotation and were successful with the proposal and asked to carry out the works. We ordered the replacement Powrmatic CPx 90kW Oil Heater and arranged to ship to site. At the same time we ordered a Powrmatic CECx De-stratification fan to help bring the heat down at the far end of the workshop due to the height.

Our engineers attended and with the use of the customer forklift truck, removed the old heater from the bracket and removed from site. On this particular job we handled removal of the heater back to our workshop for disposal.

We located the new Powrmatic CPx heater into position and modified the existing flue and connected this to the heater using an increaser. As the flue only increases in size by 1”, we generally wont suffer from condensation issues arising from the flue gas velocity slow down.

The original controller was removed and disposed of as the Powrmatic CPx heater comes with a built in Powrmatic MC200 controller. The electrical feed was modified and a new supply installed from the local spur to the heater chassis and tested.

The oil line also needed modification. The tank was turned off and the residual oil left in the pipe work drained into a container and returned to the tank. We installed a converter into the 1/2” steel pipe work and extended using 10mm plastic coated copper oil line. This was connected to a thermal fire valve and filer bowl, before being connected to the Powrmatic CPx burner. A valve was also installed onto the steel pipework for service and maintenance purposes.

Powrmatic CPx Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heater Other View - Powrmatic CPx Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heater

After the oil line was correctly vented of air through the pump and checked for leaks, the heater was fired and the burner commissioned. We handed over commissioning paperwork to the client then completed the warranty document for the Powrmatic CPx heater which was returned back to Powrmatic on the customers behalf.

The MC200 control unit was fully programmed to the customers requirements and the room allowed to raise up to a temperature of 18 Degrees.

As our engineers still had a Scissor Lift on site, we then hung the de-stratification fan and installed a suitable power supply circuit back to a switch fused spur at low level for isolation and maintenance purposes. The temperature was set on the fan and it was tested for operation.

At floor level the warm air could be felt being forced back down from the roof and the de stratification process began to work.
We returned to site the following day to add two 1M extensions to two of the nozzles to aid with warm air distribution over the racking in the warehouse.

The customer was very happy with the installation and the effectiveness of the Powrmatic CPx heater as a whole.

If you are looking to install heating to your commercial premises and run on fuel oil, why not consider purchasing a Powrmatic CPx heater to meet your needs?

Contact us for free friendly advise and we will be pleased to visit your site and provide a formal quotation.

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Philip Hamer
PW Maintenance

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