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The New Ambirad Benson Heating ULTRA, High Efficiency Condensing Gas Unit Heater

Introducing the “ULTRA”, high efficiency gas fired condensing unit heaters

Ambirad Benson ULTRA

 Ambirad have finally released details about the new “ULTRA” suspended gas heater which is to be sold under the “Benson” name.

The ULTRA is an exceptionally efficient condensing gas unit heater, exceeding current Building Regulations L2  and boasting thermal efficiencies of up to 108% and some of the lowest NOx emissions (under 25 ppm) ever achieved with a warm air heater.

For those that care, NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) is formed as a product of combustion and contributes directly to global warming, hampers the growth of plants, helps form acid rain and forms with other pollutants to form toxic chemicals and manufacturers are constantly working to achieve lower levels of toxic products that are discharged from their heating appliances.

The ULTRA range of heaters marks a major breakthrough in research and development and the release of the new product comes in time for Winter 2013, being introduced into the October price list.

We are awaiting pricing and PDF brochures of the new product, more details will be made available on our website soon.

Five models have been introduced with heat input of 25kW, 35kW, 50kW, 75kW and 100kW. Heat output losses are very minimal.

The heater features a self aligning burner located towards the rear of the heater. The “pull through” combustion technology effectively sucks the flame into the heat exchanger tubes and create a negative pressure throughout. As the heat exchanger is always under negative pressure no harmful flue gases can escape into the workplace.

The tubes run up inside the rear of the heater with a formed return to increase surface area then run along the top of the heater, down past the output grill on the front and into a common chamber used to collect condensate. Condensate runs free down a drain which is discharged at the rear of the heater.

From the common chamber the flue gases are fed into the secondary heat exchanger. This is a plate type arrangement using pressed formed plates joined together. These plates sit vertically in the airflow between the combustion tubes.

The powerful combustion fan sits towards the middle of the heater and draws equally across the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger utilities a non-welded design to reduce thermal stress and to increase life expectancy.

The axial fans to the rear of the heater have been upgraded to offer increased throws and to reduce the effects of stratification.

An optional economy thermostat can be installed to the ULTRA heater so it works as a destratification fan when the burner is switched off.

As suppliers and installers we are looking forward to offering the ULTRA range of heaters.