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Heatmiser SmartStat


Heatmiser SmartStat

Have Heatmiser finally invented the ultimate Smart Thermostat?

Well, we love the Heatmiser range here at and they offer a thermostat to cover just about every requirement you will ever have.  From standard dial type to full blown plant room controllers there is a solution for every need.

The Wi-Fi range of thermostats was with withdraw a while ago but the replacement SmartStat just takes things further into the future.

It’s based on a wired system and requires a 230V AC power source to operate. It fits onto a standard single back box with a minimum depth of 35mm from the finished wall level. If you have a shallow box then some work will need to be done but it’s not that complicated to chase the back box a little deeper and replace it.

There is a change over relay built in with three connections, the usual Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed, so linking into a combination boiler is a simple two wire task.

The instruction manual for the SmartStat shows various different configurations including installation for a Mid Position Valve install and S-Plan system.

Connections are available for remote sensors, floor sensor and air (space) sensor. Don’t forget that for under floor applications you should make sure you only use a floor sensor.

When you power up the SmartStat you can choose to use it as a time clock only or full thermostat mode. Time clock control is ideal for independent hot water and then thermostat mode suits space heating. You can choose to switch between modes at any time but the controller will dump it’s program and you will have to reconfigure it.

Next, you probably can’t wait to try out the mobile app so go ahead and configure it to talk to your local area network. It needs no hub and will connect directly to your home router. It will log onto the Heatmiser API and because all the network traffic is sourced from the SmartStat, generally you won’t have any problems with a fire wall and probably won’t ever need to worry about port forwarding.

Grab yourself the mobile app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon and load it to your device. Carry out the simple “pairing” between the SmartStat and your mobile app and get ready to couch potato your heating system. If you have multiple SmartStat’s then add them one by one for full control of all your zones.

As with all Heatmiser products it’s very easy to use, even with so few buttons. Set the date and time correctly then read the “comfort levels explained” section pretty carefully if you are not used to this type of controller.

The SmartStat is an optimising controller which adjusts the boiler on and off time depending on how cold the building is. In the old days of mechanical timers the heating turned on at say 7:00 AM. In the age of the optimised control, you would want the building warm for 7:00 AM. The controller decides the best time to turn on so the building is warm for 7:00 AM. Hope you can see how times have moved on.

So taking this basic theory just a little further the SmartStat lets you set comfort levels throughout the day and night, raising the temperature a little when needed and cooling back a little when you are out or in bed.

Of course with the mobile app and easy to use override functions on the physical controller you will never get cold. All the usual extras are in there, holiday mode, away mode, summer mode (standby) and the colourful graphical front end makes it a pleasure to use.

The controller is self learning and after a couple of days will have worked out the characteristics of your home to keep it just warm enough without running your boiler for hours on end. When it’s a little colder it turns on earlier, when it’s a little warmer it turns on a little later. The optimiser is designed to save on fuel and ultimately money.

The SmartStat is available for general sale on the expected launch date of 6th July this year.

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