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Heatmiser NeoStat

Over the last few years there have been a few wireless solutions to control your central heating. Some have even had remote access or allowed you to change the settings over the internet. Some have even worked with mobile apps right from your phone, but most of the solutions have been rather complicated to install and even harder to configure.

The Heatmiser Neo is a new contender to the market and has already turned up the heat in the heating thermostat market place. Its rather sleek look is an eye catcher and with a choice of sapphire black or glacier white to choose from, it will blend in with any room in any home.

The neoStat is really easy to install, it simply just replaces your mains powered thermostat. For older systems that have timed hot water, the neoStat-hw version simply replaces your hot water controller.

For new build solutions, the minimal wiring requirements can be installed during the first fix for complete concealment.

If you had an old fashioned dual channel controller, simply mount the two neoStat next to each other for an easy fix option.

When the NeoStat (and neoStat-hw if required) are installed and working, simply connect the neoHub into your home router and turn on the power. Within minutes the system can be programmed and your heating can be adjusted from a free mobile app available on iTunes and Android store.

The neoHub generally makes an immediate connection to the internet and in only a few extreme cases does the local router cause any connection issues.

The neoStat uses a smart communication method called a mesh network. Every device becomes a repeater which greatly extends the range of the network between devices. The neo mesh network is far superior to RF systems. Being mains powered, there are never any batteries to replace.

The Neo hardware currently supports up to 32 zones and they can all be programmed independently if needed. In the mobile app, features allow you to group zones and turn selected zones or whole house on or into standby. Party mode allows temperature to be raised in a couple of rooms for as long as you like so guests always stay warm.

If you have any electrical under floor heating, neoStat-e can be easily used to control this and tie that room straight into the neoApp for even greater flexibility and control.

The neoStat periodically checks with the Heatmiser servers for firmware updates and will automatically download and update when available, leaving your new neoStat packed with new features as soon as they are released.

PW Maintenance have the full range of neoStat thermostats available on their website to purchase online, all at a discounted price.

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Heatmiser Neo Thermostat