About Us

Is owned and maintained by PW Maintenance. Please see our corporate website www.pwmaintenance.co.uk

PW Maintenance specialises in warm air heaters and energy efficient heating solutions for factories, sports halls, industrial and commercial properties throughout the UK.

We supply and install a large range of products from all the leading heating manufactures including floor mounted warm air heaters, energy saving radiant heating and suspended unit heaters, which can offer the ideal heating solution for your premises.

As Industrial Heating Specialists, we can design and install any new heating solution using Gas, Oil or LPG fuels, offering the most energy saving industrial heaters. Our free advice will help you choose the best heating systems and we can install these to the highest possible standards.

We recommend our customers to use equipment from Powrmatic & Benson Heating, both leading UK manufacturer of high quality Natural Gas, LPG and Oil heating systems but we regularly supply and install equipment from all manufacturers.

Whatever heating solution you require for your Sports Hall, Factory, Warehouse or Commercial, Industrial property, PW Maintenance can deliver the perfect solution using Warm Air Heating and Radiant Heaters using the best available Industrial Heaters.

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