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Commercial Air Curtain

Commercial Air Curtain – Energy Matters

It costs money to heat commercial spaces such as factories and warehouses and folks are aways looking to save on heating costs. We will show you how a commercial air curtain can do just that.

When you operate a heated space with industrial doors they always become a major source of heat loss as soon as they open. Cold air from the outside of the building enters the building and displaces warm air added by your heating system.

When the door is closed, that cold air has to be heated again and that is a waste of energy. Commercial air curtains can help with this problem.

A commercial air curtain generally comes in two varieties, ambient and heated. Ambient units recycle air and heated units add heat to the displaced air. Heated options are useful if your space has poor or no heat and you want to add some easily.

Its important to realise that a heated commercial air curtain is no more effective than an ambient one. It may make the area feel a little warmer, but make no difference to the effect the air curtain creates.

Installation is a breeze

Commercial air curtains can be hung above the door, stacked vertically either side of the door or in some cases both. Air flow is effective up to around 7.5m for over head installation and up to 15m for vertical installation when installed both sides of a door. Using a combination of both, some very large doors can be catered for.

Door widths are simply built up using modules which are assembled together to from a single commercial air curtain. Generally a slightly wider air curtain is beneficial to one shorter than the door opening.

When the door opens and the air curtain starts up, they force a large amount of air through a small nozzle which produces a fast flowing invisible curtain of air over the opening. Its as simple as that but very effective.

Cold air is unable to penetrate the curtain of air and is unable to enter the property. It has the added advantage that pest and other flying insects can not enter either.

The curtain of air has to be sufficiently strong and fast flowing for the effect to work, hence the reason that the air flow rates of the units is high. A 6m wide commercial air curtain can displace up to 27,600 m³/hour.

Commercial Air Curtain GP Range has our own brand of commercial door curtain units that we call the GP range.

Our commercial air curtain comes in three different versions with module widths of 1.5m and 2.0m in length.

  • GPA – Ambient has no heating and recycles air.
  • GPE – Electrially heated with advanced PTC heating elements.
  • GPW – Heater with a water heat exchanger

All of the modules use the same chassis and modules can be mixed and matched. Heated versions can be attached to ambient versions to form the perfect design.

Our smart control box 3 can support up to 3 modules, providing an easy wiring centre for installation. Control boxes can be linked for ease of use but in some cases, using an off the shelf contactor may be easier to install.

An industrial switch at low level controls the commercial air curtain which comes into life as soon as the door is opened.

An internal contactor inside the electric version brings the heating elements on line as soon as the fans start to spin. This makes the electrical supply nice and easy to deal with.

For a water unit, an external mains actuated valve allows water to flow when the curtain starts up. This stops heat being wasted around the coil of the commercial air curtain when the door is closed and the unit is not being used.

Installation is fairly straight forward as the modules all assemble together with easy to use multi brackets. The modules are tightly held in place to prevent vibration when in use.

The same bracket is used for top hanging, again bridging two modules for an even safer installation. Often installed onto back to back slotted channel, the commercial air curtain can be lifted up into place using a fork lift or mobile super lift.

Support is normally required to take the weight of the door curtain, but can be as simple as a single cantilever either side of the door. Double back to back slotted channel can support a 6m wide door easily.

Maintenance is low key and a good annual clean of dust will extend the life of the unit. They are cheap to install and even cheaper to operate.

If you would like any further information on our range of commercial door curtain’s then please contact us for free and friendly advise.

Our commercial air curtain – GP range is available to buy on line from our store. You can visit by clicking here.

Commercial Air Curtain GP Range Side View

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