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Combat Heater Installation – October 2017

Shows a left hand mounted combat heater

Combat Heater Installation – October 2017

Combat Heater Installation.
We were invited to provide a price for a Warm Air Heating scheme for a local steel fabrication / engineering shop.

Photo Of Two Combat Heaters

It was decided early on that they would like us to use Combat Heaters following attendance by a Combat sales rep to the site.

After attending the building we calculated the required heat load taking into account the size of the building, construction materials used and roof and wall insulation. We carefully interpret this information to make sure we choose and specify the right size heaters.

An existing gas main was within the building providing gas for the old combat atmospheric heaters. We did a calculation and provided evidence to the client that it could not support the proposed new heaters.

We did a new design based on the gas consumption of the two Combat Heaters and provided a total price for the project.

The client accepted our proposed price and we arranged to install the two Combat Heaters.

We located slotted channel to the roof sections and secured in place with window brackets.
The heater was hung by using Eye Bolts on the heater and channel, and using heavy duty steel wires for suspension.
The flues were configured as room sealed and exited the building horizontally.
Control is provided by two separate Heatmiser IQ+ Controllers.

The new gas main was installed in copper press. After risk assessing the site, the copper tube could be maintained in a safe area and would suffer very low risk of impact damage. Had the risk assessment have identified any risks of contact, we would have installed in Stainless Steel.

Following a test and certification of the gas main (and purge) and electrical supply the combat heater installation was commissioned and placed into service.

If we can offer any help with supplying and installing Combat Warm Air Heaters at your premises, please get in touch.
You can visit the Combat website for further details.

Combat Heater Installation – Photographs

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Combat Heater Installation Photo Of Two Combat Heaters

Combat Heater Installation Shows a left hand mounted combat heater

Combat Heater Installation Shows a RH Combat Heater

Combat Heater Installation Shows combat rear flue