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Benson Heater Installation – OCT 2016

Benson Heater Installation

This project was a manufacturer lead passed to us to quote. Steve Latimer of Ambirad asked us to attend the site and quote to install two warm air heaters. After contacting the customer and negotiating a final price, we supplied and installed two Benson Variente heaters.

The site holds a specialist engine team that works on top of the range sport racing engines. The existing facilities installation is extremely neat and tidy and our installation was designed to not only be energy efficient but to blend in and be as neat as the existing installation.

We suspended two Benson Heating Variante unit heaters from the roof and provided a new gas main using copper. This is a further example of the Geberit Mapress system we are using to press gas mains for extra durability, speed and quality.

We installed some of our own brand destratification fans to reduce internal temperature stratification and the whole system is operated by Heatmiser IQ+ controllers.

We are due to return to site and install a Sonniger Guard Pro to a roller door within the building to provide an effective door curtain to prevent heat loss.

On commissioning the system worked extremely well and the customer is extremely pleased with the result.

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