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Powrmatic TE Air Rotation Heater

17 November
Finished Powrmatic TE Heater

Powrmatic TE Air Rotation Heater Powrmatic TE Heater Installation. We were asked to quote to heat a large warehouse a few months back at Magna Park, Lutterworth. The building was on a short term lease of 18 months, while the clients new property was being built for them on the same estate. The client requested […]

Wiring A Heatmiser IQ+ For ErP Suspended Heater

27 May
wiring a Heatmiser IQ+ Diagram

Wiring A Heatmiser IQ+ Controller To An ERP Compliant Suspended Heater Wiring a Heatmiser IQ+ Controller – Updated 27th May 2018 What Is ErP And Lot 21 And What Is An ERP Compliant Heater? “The Energy Related Product Directive” (ErP For Short). ErP Directive (2009/125/EC) is a European Council Regulation that implements a series of […]

Upgrade A Powrmatic NV Heater To Brahma Controls

24 May
Powrmatic NVx Heater

  During service life, it may become necessary to replace the control electronics to earlier Powrmatic NVx heaters containing a separate PCB in conjunction with a plug in Pactrol control box. Upon receiving the modification kit from Powrmatic, read the instructions carefully. They are well written and document the procedure from start to finish in […]

How To Connect A Heatmiser IQ+ Controller

24 May
Photo of a heatmier iq+ controller.

This document will explain how to connect a Heatmiser IQ+ controller to a warm air heater. One of the most common questions we receive regarding the Heatmiser IQ+ Controller is how to correctly wire the unit to operate with a warm air heater, so hopefully this will help with the basics. Click on the pictures […]

Powrmatic NVx LPG

27 January
Powrmatic NVx LPG Heater Installed

Powrmatic NVx LPG The Powrmatic NVx LPG comes shipped from the factory to work on LPG gas. If you have no natural gas available on site then LPG can create an easy solution. Generally you will need to arrange for an LPG tank to be installed, usually by your supplier. They will come to your […]

Powrmatic Heater Installations Winter 2017 / 2018

26 January
Powrmatic NVx Heater

  A selection of some Powrmatic Heater Installations we have installed over the last few months. Please click on the photographs for a hi resolution image Derby Installation Dec 2017 – Gas Meter Fitted Jan 2018   Installation In Swindon November 2017   Installation In Leicester Jan 2018   Replacement Of Two Benson Heaters With […]

Heater Installations Nov to Jan 2018

26 January
NVx Duo Side View

Winter Quarter Update & Powrmatic Duo Case Study Please see the Powrmatic Duo installation case study below. November to January has been the busiest Winter that we have ever seen. has sold a huge amount of heaters, equipment and flue on line including lots of export sales all over the globe. Our admin and […]

Combat Heater Installation – October 2017

29 October
Shows a left hand mounted combat heater

Combat Heater Installation – October 2017 Combat Heater Installation. We were invited to provide a price for a Warm Air Heating scheme for a local steel fabrication / engineering shop. It was decided early on that they would like us to use Combat Heaters following attendance by a Combat sales rep to the site. After attending […]

September Installations – 2017

10 October
Combat Heater Installation

Warm Air – September Update – 2017 Warm Air – With the long nights drawing in and whats left of the poor summer weather fading, its time to consider replacing your commercial heating. At we have a full range of products to meet your requirements and can attend site and fully install and commission […]

Benson Heater Installation – OCT 2016

31 October
Benson Heater Installation

This project was a manufacturer lead passed to us to quote. Steve Latimer of Ambirad asked us to attend the site and quote to install two warm air heaters. After contacting the customer and negotiating a final price, we supplied and installed two Benson Variente heaters. The site holds a specialist engine team that works […]

Powrmatic NVx Installation Oct 2016

31 October
Powrmatic NVx

Another installation of a Powrmatic Heater using a Powrmatic wall hanging bracket with rear flue. We were asked to quote to install the unit into a building undergoing minor refurbishment. The gas main has been installed using the Geberit Mapress system which increases installation speed and lowers the risk of gas leaks. All joints are […]

Powrmatic CPx Replacement

03 March
Other View - Powrmatic CPx Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heater

Powrmatic CPx Heater Powrmatic CPx Installation – Heater Replacement March 2016 We were approached by a local company in the West Midlands who had an old Combat Oil Fired Cabinet Heater which had been suffering from numerous breakdowns. We offered to send an engineer to carry out a diagnostic but the customer asked us to […]

Powrmatic Flue

26 February
Powrmatic Flue On A Cabinet Heater

Powrmatic Flue – An Easy Guide To Selection And Installation Powrmatic Flue. One of the most frequently asked questions we get over here at from installers is how to correctly flue a Powrmatic appliance. Everything you ever need to know is noted in the “Powrmatic User, Installation And Service Instructions” which can be freely […]

Bitcoin Payments

04 August
Bitcoin Accepted Here

We are currently testing the Bitcoin payment gateway with Bitpay. We hope to be up and running within the next week to ten days. Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with […]

Heatmiser SmartStat

23 June

Heatmiser SmartStat Have Heatmiser finally invented the ultimate Smart Thermostat? Well, we love the Heatmiser range here at and they offer a thermostat to cover just about every requirement you will ever have.  From standard dial type to full blown plant room controllers there is a solution for every need. The Wi-Fi range of […]

Heatmiser NeoStat

03 November

Over the last few years there have been a few wireless solutions to control your central heating. Some have even had remote access or allowed you to change the settings over the internet. Some have even worked with mobile apps right from your phone, but most of the solutions have been rather complicated to install […]

The New Ambirad Benson Heating ULTRA, High Efficiency Condensing Gas Unit Heater

11 October

Introducing the “ULTRA”, high efficiency gas fired condensing unit heaters  Ambirad have finally released details about the new “ULTRA” suspended gas heater which is to be sold under the “Benson” name. The ULTRA is an exceptionally efficient condensing gas unit heater, exceeding current Building Regulations L2  and boasting thermal efficiencies of up to 108% and […]

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Powrmatic NVx Heater Installation

17 September

We completed the installation of three Powrmatic NVx suspended heaters last week, two 70kW and one 90kW. We also installed three Heatmiser IQ+ controllers to provide efficient controls. The two Powrmatic NVx 70 heaters replaced old floor mounted cabinet heaters, the customer required the floor space so suspended heaters were chosen. The Powrmatic NVx 90 […]

The Powrmatic NVx 90kW Compact, New For Winter 2013.

09 September

Powrmatic are now expected to officially announce the addition of the Powrmatic NVx 90kW Compact model to its current NVx range of suspended gas unit heaters within the next few days. The NVx 90kW Compact Gas Unit Heater is an addition to the current range of NVx heaters and offers an impressive 90kW of heat […]

Heatmiser IQ+, setting the standard for efficient space temperature control.

08 September

The Heatmiser IQ+ controller has been used in the heating industry for several years and continues to offer a value for money feature packed solution still not fully met by any other device. At we now recommend the Heatmiser IQ+ Controller for every heater we sell, install or to those looking to upgrade their […]

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Welcome To Our New Website

08 August

Welcome to, Suppliers Of Powrmatic, Benson, Reznor, Ambirad, & Combat Industrial & Commercial Warm Air Heaters, Radiant Heaters & Energy Saving Accessories. We have recently carried out some major work to our website, mainly to make navigation easier and to provide a better all round shopping experience. We hope you enjoy our new updated […]