Welcome To Warmairheaters.com, Wholesale Suppliers And Installers Of Industrial & Commercial Gas & Oil Heating Equipment Warmairheaters.com specialises in the supply of energy efficient warm air and radiant heaters at wholesale prices. We have over 20 years experience of the industrial heating and commercial heating sectors and can fully manage your project anywhere in the UK from design to full installation and commissioning, or simply arrange delivery of a heater direct to your premises. We recommend equipment manufactured by Powrmatic,  Benson Heating, Reznor, Ambirad, Tuffa Tanks & Roberts Gordon. Call us on 0845 557 8085 or email us for package prices, installation prices, nationwide site visits or help and assistance with choosing the right equipment. You can buy online through our shop with secure payments. Warmairheaters.com is owned and maintained by PW Maintenance, please visit us www.pwmaintenance.co.uk


Reznor Is ….

The UK’s leading supplier of industrial and commercial gas fired warm air heating systems. The company specialises in the design and production of high efficiency gas fired air heaters, cabinet heaters, combined heating and ventilation units, air induction systems, gas fired heating coils and heat recovery products.

Designed by the world’s largest manufacturer of unit space heaters, Reznor offers high performance heating systems for commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, churches, factories, retail units and more. Suitable for notoriously hard-to-heat applications, Reznor offers the most technically advanced heating systems on the market

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